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Bonds, Loans & Sukuk Conference 2016

This year at the Bonds, Loans & Sukuk Turkey 2016 Conference held on 16th & 17th November, Bezen & Partners attended and sponsored the event as every year. Our partners and a couple key associates attended the conference, where Yeşim Bezen was a moderator for the panel entitled: “Project finance and capital markets: How can Turkish projects secure long term sponsorship from investors?” Key representatives from various companies such as: Odeabank, Nurol Holding, Fitch Ratings, International Finance Corporation and the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development joined Yeşim on the panel to discuss and answer some critical questions associated with project finance and capital markets, questions like: • What role can credit enhancement play in helping Turkish infrastructure projects secure long term sponsorship from investors? • Encouraging long term finance – What role do ECAs and IFIs need to play to make this a reality? • International vs local banking – is this finally set to shift or will local banks continue to dominate project finance in Turkey? • Interest rates, FX and commodity price volatility: How this affects profitability of projects and how to hedge against volatility? The panel discussion was insightful and provided the audience with answers to any questions they may have had in regards to this topic given the events in Turkey over the past year. Overall, the conference was well attended and served as great opportunity for networking, as it does year and year again.