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New Electronic System for Importation Transactions

The Turkish Ministry of Economy (“Ministry”) has recently brought into effect a new electronic system for the importation of goods.

The Communiqué No 2017/3 on Electronic Applications for Importation Procedures (the "Communiqué") was published in the Official Gazette numbered 30283 dated 27 December 2017 and introduced new procedures for importation transactions.

The Communiqué requires certain import and clearance procedures to be completed electronically by authorised persons on behalf of import companies. Authorised users will need to possess secure electronic signatures or mobile electronic signatures obtained from accredited service providers in order to access the system. 

Going forward, changes to the trade name or tax identification number will need to be reported to the General Directorate of Imports within 5 working days in order for authorised persons to continue to operate the system.

The General Directorate of Imports has begun accepting applications for the new electronic system on 1 January 2018. Paper form applications will no longer be accepted after 1 April 2018 save in the event of an ongoing disruption to the new electronic system.



Murat Soylu

Can Özilhan

Deniz Kepenek