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The Ministry of Energy and Natural Resources (the “Ministry”) announced the wind power tenders regarding the allocation of the renewable energy source areas and their connection capacities.

Tender Announcement


The Ministry announced the Notice of Wind Power Tenders regarding Renewable Energy Source Areas and their Connection Capacities (the “Tender Notice”) on 29 May 2021. In accordance with the Tender Notice, 42 wind power tenders (the “YEKA RES-3 Tenders”) to allocate the connection capacities to interested bidders for a total capacity of 2,000 MWe will be held in accordance with the Regulation on Renewable Energy Source Areas[1] (the “Regulation”). An application to participate in the tenders may be submitted to the General Directorate of Energy Affairs (the “General Directorate”) on 12 October 2021 between 10.00 a.m.-2.00 p.m.

Terms and Conditions

The Tender Notice dictates that the applicants for the YEKA RES-3 Tenders must be joint stock or limited liability companies duly established in accordance with the Turkish Commercial Code[2]. Financial strength or technical expertise or experience are not sought as a requirement to apply. Tender specifications are required to be obtained for each tender at a price of TL 2,000. Applicants must also submit bank guarantees. Such guarantees must be valid for 1 year and in the amount of TL 500,000 per MW of the installed capacity.

Upon awarding a tender, these guarantees need to be replaced 1 day before the execution date of the implementation agreement at the very latest. Such guarantees must then be valid for 10 years and in the amount of TL 1,0000,000 per MW of the installed capacity.

The maximum price for each tender is designated as TL kuruş 45 per kWh.

The General Directorate has the right to postpone the application date.


Market players were awaiting the green light for further tenders in the wind power sector. The announcement of the Tender Notice was a long awaited move.

Please click here for more information on the YEKA RES – 3 connection areas and their connection capacities.


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[1] Published in the Official Gazette dated 9 October 2016 and numbered 29852.

[2] Published in the Official Gazette dated 14 February 2011 and numbered 27846.

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