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Amendments to Communiqué on the Execution of Articles of Association Before Trade Registries

The Ministry of Customs and Trade has issued amending communiqué to the Communiqué on the Execution of the Articles of Association Before Trade Registries on 17 April 2018 with the Official Gazette numbered 30394 (the “Amending Communiqué”). The Amending Communiqué, effective as of its publication, brings a number of amendments, clarificatory rather than substantive in nature, with respect to execution formalities for incorporation documents.

The Amending Communique provides that persons who have impaired hearing or vision or speech handicaps may execute articles of association before the trade registries provided they do so in the presence of two witnesses and, where required, a sworn translator. Previously, persons with hearing, visual or communication impairments were only allowed to execute incorporation documents before a notary public and subject to applicable notarial formalities.

The Amending Communiqué also provides that foreign residents can provide signature statements (imza beyannamesi) as approved by a Turkish consulate in their country of residence without further certification or legalisation.


Serdar Bezen

Zeynep Özkan

Sergey Kolomoyets

Yasemin Keskin