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  • YEKA GES – 3 Tenders completed

  • Tender Procedure


The solar tenders regarding the allocation of the renewable energy source areas and their respective connection capacities have been conducted between 26-29 April 2021 and 24-27 May 2021 by the Ministry of Energy and Natural Resources (the “Ministry”).

YEKA GES – 3 Tenders


74 solar tenders (the “YEKA GES-3 Tenders”) to allocate connection capacities to interested bidders for a total capacity of 1,000 MWe, divided into 10 MWe, 15 MWe and 20 MWe, were held in accordance with the Regulation on Renewable Energy Source Areas[1] (the “Regulation”) and the Notice of Tenders regarding Renewable Energy Source Areas and their Connection Capacities (the “Tender Notice”)[2]. 19 tenders out of a total of 74 tenders were held between 26 – 29 April and the remaining 55 tenders have been postponed to 24 – 27 May due to the COVID – 19 measures.

Tender Procedure

The YEKA GES – 3 tenders have been carried out in accordance with the relevant provisions of the Regulation. The tender took place by way of underbidding. In the Tender Notice, the maximum price for YEKA GES – 3 tenders had been designated as 35 TRY kurus / kWh per tender.

During the tender process, firstly, the bids submitted in sealed envelopes were opened and the tender was then conducted by way of underbidding between the top 5 bidders who had submitted the lowest bids.

All bank guarantees submitted during the tender applications, excluding the bank guarantees of the top 3 most economically favourable bidders, are to be returned to the respective bidders within 30 (thirty) days following the tender date.

On 29 May 2021, the Ministry announced on its website the list of the lowest bidders with their respective bids. The successful bidders will be invited to execute a YEKA usage right agreement (the “Agreement”). In accordance with the Tender Notice, the electricity purchase term is designated as 15 (fifteen) years following the execution date of the Agreement.


The YEKA GES-3 tenders have been conducted between 26-29 April 2021 and 24-27 May 2021, respectively, and the results of the tenders have been announced on the Ministry’s website on 29 May 2021.

Please click here for more information regarding the result of the tenders.



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[1] Published in the Official Gazette dated 9 October 2016 and numbered 29852.

[2] Published in the Official Gazette dated 3 July 2020 and numbered 31174.

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